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Do you know the type and principle of industrial nitrogen generator

By Nate Cloud • Mar 07, 2023

With the development of economy, nitrogen generation equipment has been used more and more in the factory production in recent years, mainly because the nitrogen generation machine is very convenient and has obvious advantages, and is deeply loved by enterprises. Next, as a professional nitrogen generator manufacturer - Nate Cloud Purification Equipment, we will analyze the classification of nitrogen generators and the use principle of each category.

Main types of industrial nitrogen production:

1、 Nitrogen production by membrane air separation

With air as the raw material, oxygen and nitrogen are separated by using gases such as oxygen and nitrogen with different permeation rates in the membrane under certain pressure.

2、 Nitrogen generation by cryogenic air separation

Nitrogen production by cryogenic air separation is a traditional nitrogen production method. It uses air as the raw material, after compression and purification, and then uses heat exchange to make the air become liquid. It is mainly a mixture of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. By using the different boiling points of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, they are separated to obtain nitrogen through distillation process.

3、 Nitrogen production by molecular sieve

Using air as raw material, carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, pressure swing adsorption principle and selective adsorption of carbon molecular sieve for oxygen and nitrogen to separate nitrogen and oxygen, commonly known as PSA nitrogen production.

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